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Cozy Critter Pet Hotel is a full care pet Boarding Kennel.

All kennels are indoor/outdoor with a play yard.

17 of the kennels are 4x6 inside and 4x10 outside.

2 kennels are 8x6 inside and 8x10 outside for those with larger dogs or that want more than 2 dogs to stay together.

The building is heated for those chilly winter nights and has an AC unit to keep cool from those hot summer days.

Each kennel has different size beds provided for your dogs according to their size. We also provide blankets and food and water bowls but you are more than welcome to bring their favorite blanket, bed, or toy to help make your pets stay more enjoyable.

Cats are kept in a separate building so the dogs will not stress them. Their building is also heated and has an AC unit for comfort, and of course you are welcome to bring anything that they may want to keep them comfortable during their stay in the "kitty condos".